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AMS AG AS6200C cold chain digital temperature sensor

The AS6200C is a complete digital sensor system

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The AS6200C is a complete digital sensor system. It offers a unique combination of ultra-low power consumption, small form factor, and high accuracy. The AS6200 provides a fully calibrated and linearized sensor system that can easily be accessed via an I²C interface. It provides a 12-bit resolution over the full temperature range of -40 to +125 °C. For power-sensitive applications, the device can enter a low-power wait state with 0.1 μA current consumption.

The temperature accuracy is ±0.2 °C between -10 to +20 °C, which makes it ideally suited for cold chain monitoring applications.

Key features

  • Digital Temperature Sensor
  • Complete Sensor System with Serial Bus Connection
  • Easy-to-Use Solution - No Calibration or Linearization Needed
  • Alert Functionality for Exact Temperature Control


Additional features:

  • Ultra-Accurate Temperature Sensor
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Optimized for Data Loggers



  • Cold Chain Monitoring
  • Data Loggers (EN12830:1999 Class 1)
  • Domestic and Commercial Refrigerators


Avaialable tools


The AS6200C adapter board is a simple PCB to enable easy evaluation of the ams digital temperature sensor. The board features an AS6200C digital temperature sensor, a decoupling capacitor, and pull-up resistors. The included jumper is an easy way of setting the I²C address of the sensor. A 5 x 1 pin header with a 2.54 mm pitch offers all necessary interfaces to connect the adapter board to your application processor.

Order Code: AS6200C-WL_EK_A

AMS AG AS6200C cold chain digital temperature sensor | EBV Elektronik

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