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Toshiba TPHR7904PB / TPH1R104PB automotive 40V N-channel power MOSFETs

Toshiba launches their new 40V N-channel power MOSFET products for automotive applications

Toshiba TPHR7904PB-TPH1R104PB product image

Toshiba launches their new 40V N-channel power MOSFET products for automotive applications using the small low-resistance SOP Advance(WF) package.

By mounting their U-MOSIX-H series chip having the latest trench structure on the small, low-resistance SOP Advance(WF) package, the new products feature low On-resistance characteristics, which can reduce conduction loss. The U-MOSIX-H series also lowers switching noise compared with Toshiba Electronics previous series (U-MOSIV), contributing to reduce EMI.

The SOP Advance(WF) package uses a wettable flank terminal structure.



  • RDS(ON)=0.79 mΩ (max) @VGS=10 V (TPHR7904PB)
  • RDS(ON)=1.14 mΩ (max) @VGS=10 V (TPH1R104PB)
  • Low-noise characteristics reduce EMI
  • Wettable flank terminal structure


Additional features


  • Partnumbers: TPHR7904PB/TPH1R104PB
  • EMI (Electromagnetic interference)
  • Wettable flank terminal structure: A terminal structure that allows automated optical inspection of installation on boards


  • Electric power steering (EPS)
  • Load switches
  • Electric pumps
  • Fans

Toshiba TPHR7904PB / TPH1R104PB power MOSFETs | EBV Elektronik

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