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STMicroelectronics STM32H7 with ARM® Cortex®-M7 core

Taking advantage of an L1 cache, STM32H7 devices deliver the maximum theoretical performance of the Cortex-M7 core

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Taking advantage of an L1 cache, STM32H7 devices deliver the maximum theoretical performance of the Cortex-M7 core.

This is regardless whether code is executed from embedded Flash or external memory: 2020 CoreMark /856 DMIPS at 400 MHz fCPU.


Key features

  • 2MB of Embedded Flash with ECC
  • 1MB of embedded RAM with ECC
  • 16bits ADC
  • Power efficiency thanks to advanced process node


Additional features

  • AXI and multi-AHB bus matrixes for interconnecting core, peripherals and memories
  • 16 Kbytes +16 Kbytes of I-cache and D-cache
  • Up to 2 Mbytes of embedded dual-bank Flash memory, with ECC and Read-While-Write capability
  • A high-speed master direct memory access (MDMA) controller, two dual-port DMAs
  • Chrom-ART acceleration for efficient 2D image copy and double-precision FPU 
  • Two USB OTG with dedicated power supply
  • Dual-mode Quad-SPI interface
  • Two FD-CAN controllers, a high-resolution timer
  • A TFT-LCD controller, a JPEG codec
  • Three fast 16-bit ADCs, two comparators and two operational amplifiers.
  • 1 Mbyte of SRAM with a scattered architecture:192 Kbytes of TCM RAM (including 64 Kbytes of ITCM RAM and 128 Kbytes of DTCM RAM for time-critical routines and data), 512 Kbytes, 288 Kbytes and 64 Kbytes of user SRAM, and 4 Kbytes of SRAM in backup domain to keep data in the lowest power modes
  • Power efficiency
  • The multi-power domains architecture allows the different power domains to be set in low-power mode to optimize the power efficiency. In addition to the main regulator featuring voltage scaling to supply the core in different voltage ranges during Run and Stop modes, the device also embeds a USB regulator to supply the embedded physical layer (PHY) and a backup regulator.
  • 263 µ/MHz typical @VDD = 3.3 V and 25 °C  in Run mode (peripherals off)
  • 4 µA in Standby mode (low-power mode)



  • HMI
  • Motor Control
  • Saftey applications
  • High computaion applications
  • Image Computing
  • People detection
  • High end sensors fusion

STMicroelectronics STM32H7 with ARM® Cortex®-M7 | EBV Elektronik

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