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ON Semiconductor AX-SFEU ultra-low power RF transceiver SoC

The AX-SFEU is a single chip solution on the Sigfox network.

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The AX-SFEU is a single chip solution on the Sigfox network. In the Internet of Things the domain of nation wide coverage and ultra low power consumption for smallest amounts of data can not be addressed by established standards such as GPRS or LTE. This void is now filled by Sigfox, the ultra low power cellular connectivity solution. Add Sigfox functionality for up-link and down-link to any existing system at the cost of 20x13 mm2 PCB area. It can also be used as a single chip solution that control small sensor nodes.


Key features

  • Ultra Low Power Radio
  • 950 nA Sleep Current
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption
  • Up-Link and Down-Link


Additional features

  • Capable of running other sub-1G protocols such as wireless M-Bus on the same hardware
  • 45 mA TX current at 14 dBm output power
  • 10 mA RX current
  • Sigfox Ready" Class 0 certified



  • Industrial IoT
  • Building Home Automation
  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Sensor Asset Tracking
  • Control Lighting

Available tools

The miniature (15mm x 33mm) Sigfox development kit (DVK), DVK-SFEU-1-GEVK, allows designers to quickly develop Sigfox connected applications in the RCZ1 region using the AX-SFEU solution. An external application processor is needed to use this solution. Designers who want to develop a self-contained Sigfox application should use the AX-SFEU-API solution. The DVK is also a reference design. The designer can copy and paste the reference design to their application board and reuse the DVK Sigfox ready ™ certification (P1). The reference design has also been checked for regulatory compliance, minimizing risk for the customer's product level compliance. The DVK has an SMA connector to allow for both conducted measurements as well as radiated measurements using the included whip antenna.


The SIGFOX shield evaluation board demonstrates the AX-SFEU, a single chip solution to create an ultra low power consumption node on the Sigfox network for RCZ1 region (Europe), Internet of Things applications.

ON Semiconductor AX-SFEU single chip solution | EBV Elektronik

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