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NXP S08QL MCUs offer extreme power efficiency and reduced cost

The S08QL MCU family provides extreme energy efficiency at a range of 1.8 to 3.6V, perfect for cost-effective, battery sensitive, portable, low-power applications

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The S08QL MCU family provides extreme energy efficiency at a range of 1.8 to 3.6V, perfect for cost-effective, battery sensitive, portable, low-power applications.

The S08QL family offers low-power features such as two ultralow-power stop modes, low-power run and wait modes, 6 μs wake-up time, ultra-low-power external oscillator and clock gating registers to disable clocks to unused peripherals.

Supports up to 8 KB of flash. It consists of an 8bit modulo timer, a 16bit timer/PWM, UART, RTC, 12bit ADC and analog comparator. Powered down to 1.8V still is able to operate at maximum 20 MHz.


Key features

  • Up to 20 MHz 8-Bit HCS08 central processor unit (CPU)
  • Up to 8 KB flash, Up to 512 bytes RAM, Security to prevent unauthorized access to contents
  • Very low power stop, run and wait modes, Typical 6ms wakeup time and stop current of 250nA
  • The 8-bit S08 MCU portfolio has more than 30 families, a wide range of feature and price


Additional features

8-Bit HCS08 CPU

  • Up to 20 MHz CPU at 3.6 V to 1.8 V across temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C
  • HCS08 instruction set with added BGND instruction
  • Support for up to 32 interrupt/reset sources

On-chip memory

  • Up to 8 KB flash read/program/erase over full operating voltage and temperature
  • Up to 512 bytes RAM
  • Security circuitry to prevent unauthorized access to RAM and flash contents

Power-saving modes

  • Two very low power stop modes
  • Peripheral clock enable register can disable clocks to unused modules, thereby reducing currents
  • Low power run
  • Low power wait
  • 6 ms typical wakeup time from stop3 mode
  • Typical stop current of 250 nA at 3 V, 25 °C

System protection

  • Watchdog computer operating properly (COP) reset with option to run from dedicated 1 kHz internal clock source or bus clock
  • Low-voltage detection with reset or interrupt; selectable trip points
  • Illegal opcode/address detection with reset
  • Flash block protection


  • ADC — 8-channel, 12-bit resolution; 2.5 μs conversion time
  • ACMP — Analog comparator
  • TPM — One 1-channel timer/pulse-width modulator (TPM)
  • MTIM — 8-bit modulo timer module with optional pre-scaler
  • RTC — Real-time counter
  • SCI — Full duplex non-return to zero (NRZ); LIN master/slave
  • KBI — 8-pin keyboard interrupt with selectable edge and level detection
  • 18 GPIOs

Package options

  • 16/20-pin TSSOP


  • Battery-powered applications
  • Residential/commercial garage door openers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Remote window shutters
  • Remote control applications
  • Battery-operated toys and games

Available tools

S08QL8-Lite (Pre-production)

The S08QL8-Lite is designed as a development tool for NXP’s 8-bit 3V S08QL MCU family

  • OSBDM, saved external debugger
  • Sample code for key peripherals available on
  • Schematics available on

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