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NXP LPC5500 Series

World’s First CORTEX-M33 based Microcontroller Series, delivering real-time performance with advanced levels of security in a power efficient core

NXP LPC5500 Series sample product image

The LPC5500 MCU series leverages Arm's most recent Cortex-M33 technology, combining significant product architecture enhancements and greater integration over previous generations; with dramatic power consumption improvements and advanced security features including SRAM PUF based root of trust and provisioning, real-time execution from encrypted images (internal flash), and asset protection with Arm TrustZone-M. In addition, the LPC5500 MCU series features seven scalable families, with a broad package and memory options, as well as a comprehensive MCUXpresso Software and Tools ecosystem and low-cost development boards.

LPC55S6x MCU family

The LPC55S6x MCU family builds on the world’s first general-purpose Cortex-M33 based microcontroller introduced with the LPC5500 series. This high-efficiency family leverages the new Armv8-M architecture to introduce new levels of performance and advanced security capabilities including TrustZone-M and co-processor extensions. 
The LPC55S6x family enables these co-processors extensions and leverages them to bring significant signal processing efficiency gains from a proprietary DSP accelerator offering a 10x clock cycle reduction. An optional second Cortex-M33 core offers flexibility to balance high performance and power efficiency.

Product highlights

  • DSP for e.g. Audio processing
    • Voice recognition, Predictive maintenance, Digital filtering,  Beam forming, FFT
  • Programmable logic unit
    • Pattern recognition for e.g. weak up conditions, Address decoding, Save external gates
  • Low Power consumption for battery powered IoT applications
  • Enhanced security features (ROM Code, Trust Zone, PRINCE, PUF, CASPER)
    • Authenticated boot, Secure firmware upload, Hardened memory, Memory partitioning in secure/non secure areas
    • HW accelerators for high speed encryption, Secure key storage, IP protection of application software, Secure communication​

Target applications

  • Consumer electronics
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Building control and automation
  • Secure applications
  • Industrial IoT
  • Machine learning


LPCXpresso55S69 development board (LPC55S69-EVK)

LPCXpresso55S69 Development Board - LPC55S69-EVK board image

The LPCXpresso™ family of boards provides a powerful and flexible development system for NXP's Cortex-M family of MCUs. The LPCXpresso55S69 board has been developed by NXP to enable evaluation of and prototyping with the LPC55S69 MCU.


  • LPC55S69 dual-Cortex-M33 core processor 
  • Onboard, high-speed USB, Link2 debug probe
  • Flexible expansion – Arduino, Mikroe and PMod headers
  • Various on-board interfaces and components


LPC55S6x MCU Family Availability

Part number Flash SRAM Package Sampling Date Production Date
LPC55S69JBD100 640 KB 320 KB LQFP100 Now Jan 2019
LPC55S66JBD100 256 KB 144 KB LQFP100 N/A Jan 2019
LPC55S69JET98 640 KB 320 KB VFBGA98 Jan 2019 Mar 2019
LPC55S66JET98 256 KB 144 KB VFBGA98 N/A Mar 2019


Block diagram

NXP LPC5500 Series block diagram

NXP LPC5500 CORTEX-M33 technology | EBV Elektronik

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LPC5500 Security and Safety Video


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