New Product Introduction

NXP Semiconductors IMXRT1050-EVKB with Arduino pinout port

The i.MX RT1050 EVK is a USB powered evaluation board with Arduino pinout compatible expansion port

NXP IMXRT1050-EVKB product image

The i.MX RT1050 EVK is a USB powered evaluation board with Arduino pinout compatible expansion port. At its heart lies the i.MX RT1050 crossover processor, featuring NXP’s advanced implementation of the Arm Cortex-M7 core.


Key features

  • Enables rapid prototyping and development
  • Compatible with Arduino™ hardware shields.
  • Single-voltage input to simplify power circuit design
  • All in one board design, 4 layer through hole PCB

Additional features


  • 600MHz ARM Cortex-M7


  • 256 Mbit SDRAM memory
  • 512Mbit Hyper Flash
  • Footprint for QSPI Flash
  • TF socket for SD card


  • Parallel LCD connector
  • Camera Connector


  • Audio Codec
  • 4-pole Audio Headphone Jack
  • External speaker connection
  • Microphone
  • SPDIF Connector


  • Micro USB Host connector
  • Micro USB OTG connector
  • Ethernet (10/100T) connector
  • CAN Transceivers
  • ARDUINO interface


  • JTAG connector
  • On board DAP-Link debugger


  • 6-Axis Ecompass (3-Axis Mag,
  • 3-Axis Accel) sensor FXOS8700CQ

Tools & OS Support

  • IAR, MDK
  • SDK with FreeRTOS

Others features

  • All in one board design
  • 4 layer through hole PCB


  • Audio Subsystem
  • Automotive (aftermarket)
  • Wearables
  • IoT applications
  • M2M applications
  • Industrial applications

Target Applications

Audio Subsystem

High-end, consumer audio devices, including specialty equipment such as

  • Professional microphone
  • Guitar pedals


  • Smart appliances
  • Cameras
  • LCDs

Home and Building Automation

  • HVAC climate control
  • Security
  • Lighting control panels
  • IoT gateways

Industrial Computing

  • EBS
  • PLCs
  • Factory automation
  • Test and measurement
  • M2M
  • HMI control assembly line robotics

Motor Control and Power Conversion

  • 3D printers
  • Thermal printers
  • Unmanned autonomous vehicles
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners