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Maxim MAX77714 complete system PMIC featuring 13 regulators

Total Power Management IC (PMIC) for Computationally Intensive for Mobile Platforms Using SoC Application Processors

Maxim MAX77714 product diagram

Total Power Management IC (PMIC) for Computationally Intensive for Mobile Platforms Using SoC Application Processors.


Key features

  • 4 Step-Down Regulators
  • 9 LDOs
  • Eight programmable GPIOs
  • flexible power sequencer


Additional features

  • Highly Integrated
    • 4x Buck Regulators
      • SD0/1 Peak Efficiency >90% at 3.6VIN,1.1VOUT
      • SD2/3 Peak Efficiency >93% at 3.6VIN,1.8VOUT
      • Supports LDDR4x Memory requirements
    • 9x Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
    • Eight GPIOs
    • Real-Time Clock
    • Backup Battery Charger
    • Bidirectional Reset I/O
    • Interrupt Output
    • System Watchdog Timer
  • Flexible and Configurable
    • I2C-Compatible Interface
    • Factory OTP Options Available
    • Flexible Power Sequencer
    • Configurable Power-Up/Power-Down/Sleep Mode Entry/Exit Timing
    • Highly configurable GPIO ALT Modes
      • Three Resources can be Configured as 32kHz Oscillator Output
      • Four Resources can be Configured on FPS
      • One Resource can be Configured as ACOK Input
  • Low Power
    • Low IQ of 85µA in Sleep Mode
    • SD0/1 Low-Power Quiescent Current is 10µA
    • SD2/3 Low-Power Quiescent Current is 5µA
    • LDO Low-Power Quiescent Current is 1.5µA
  • Small Size
    • 70-Bump, 0.4mm Pitch, 10x7 Ball Array WLP, 4.1mm x 3.25mm x 0.7mm Package Size
    • 230mm2 Total Solution Size



  • Mobile Platforms

MAX77714 evaluation kit

Two 2A (SD2/3), one 3A (SD1), and one 4A (SD0) step-down regulator switch at 2MHz, allowing the use of small magnetic components. The output voltages for SD0 and SD1 are programmable from 0.26V to 1.52V in 10mV steps. The output voltage for SD2 is programmable from 0.6V to 2.194V in 6.5mV steps. The output voltage for SD3 is programmable from 0.6V to 3.78V in 12.5mV steps. 

Nine low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators supply power to various system blocks. Each LDO features a programmable active-discharge circuit in shutdown. All LDOs feature two soft-start rates to limit inrush current during startup.

Eight programmable GPIOs can be programmed as general purpose inputs (GPI), general purpose outputs (GPO), or alternate modes for additional functionalities. 

The real-time clock (RTC) with an external crystal oscillator provides time keeping and alarm wake-up functions. An internal silicon oscillator is available for systems that do not want to use the crystal oscillator. In addition, a watchdog timer is integrated for system monitoring purposes.

An integrated ON/OFF controller, in combination with flexible power sequencer (FPS), provides maximum flexibility in setting power-up/down sequences with minimal intervention from the applications processor. 

The 70-bump, 4.1mm x 3.25mm x 0.7mm, 0.4mm pitch wafer-level package (WLP) is ideal for space constrained applications. 

Factory-programmable options allow the MAX77714 to be tailored for many applications. Contact the factory for more information about programmable options; minimum order quantities may apply.


Maxim MAX77714 complete system PMIC | EBV Elektronik

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