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Infineon TLE98792QXA40XUMA1 single chip 3-phase motor driver

TLE9879-2QXA40 incorporates two 14-bit Sigma-Delta ADCs which are building a sensor interface for an external GMR/ TMR

Infineon TLE98792QXA40XUMA1 product picture

The TLE9879-2QXA40 is a new member of the well-known TLE987x product family.

In addition to the existing TLE987x product family members, TLE9879-2QXA40 incorporates two 14-bit Sigma-Delta ADCs which are building a sensor interface for an external GMR/ TMR.

The TLE9879-2QXA40 is a single chip 3-Phase motor driver that integrates the industry standard ARM® Cortex® -M3 core, enabling the implementation of advanced motor control algorithms such as field-oriented control. 


Key features

  • On-chip OSC and PLL for clock generation
  • One high voltage monitoring input with wake up functionality
  • Two Full duplex serial interface (UART) with LIN support
  • Two Synchronous serial channel (SSC)


Additional features

  • Six current programmable Drivers with charge pump for N-Channel MOSFET
  • Integrated LIN transceiver compatible with LIN 2.2 and SAEJ2602
  • Absolute position sensing Motor Control
  • Increased robustness on ECU Level
  • Enabling high levels of System Reliability
  • Protection of both the SOC and external MOSFETs
  • Support Start/Stop Operation
  • Reduced Development Effort/Time to Market in EMC validation
  • High speed Operational amplifier for motor current sensing via shunt 



  • Fuel pump
  • HVAC Blower
  • Engine Cooling Fan
  • Wiper
  • BLDC pumps and fans

Available tools

BLDC Shield TLE9879

BLDC Shield for Arduino with TLE9879QXA40 is designed to drive BLDC motors in combination with an arduino compatible baseboard. The shield is flased with several motor control algorithms (sensorless FOC, hall sensor based block commutation) Theshield is controlled from the baseboard via SPI.

order code: BLDCSHIELDTLE9879TOBO1



Description: Interface device between PC and Infineon boards/ kits

Enables the connection between the evaluation board and USB for SPI programming and monitoring by using the ConfigWizard software which can be downloaded via the Infineon Toolbox.

Plugs into the evaluation board via a standard 16-pin connector and allows easy interface to the microcontroller via USB for SPI, CAN, LIN communication etc.


Infineon TLE98792QXA40XUMA1 3-phase motor driver | EBV Elektronik

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