New Product Introduction

Infineon TLE920x family new full- or h-bridges

The TLE9202ED contains two independent general purpose 6 A H-Bridges in one Package

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The TLE9202ED contains two independent general purpose 6 A H-Bridges in one Package. It is designed for (but not limited to) the control of DC motors or other inductive loads in automotive applications. The outputs can be pulse width modulated at frequencies up to 20 kHz. PWM/DIR control reduces the number of PWM capable pins needed on the microcontroller side. For load currents above the current limitation threshold (8 A typ.) the H-Bridge goes into chopper current limitation mode.


Key features

  • RDS(on) of 100 mΩ per switch typ. at Tj = 25° C
  • Logic inputs 3.3 V and 5.0 V TTL / CMOS-compatible
  • Low standby current
  • Chopper current limitation

Additional features

  • Short circuit shut down with latch behavior
  • Overtemperature shut down with latch behavior
  • Vs undervoltage shutdown
  • Open load detection in ON and OFF state
  • Detailed SPI diagnosis or simple error flag
  • Completely lead free
  • Green product (RoHS compliant)
  • AEC qualified
  • Small package saves board space
  • Includes over current and over temperature protection
  • Simple design with few external components
  • SPI enables for easy diagnosis



  • Automotive Powertrain

Available Tools

Dual H-Bridge Shield with IFX9202ED

The IFX9202ED shield in the Arduino format is an universal development kit for Infineon’s General Purpose Fully-Integrated Dual-H-Bridge IFX9202ED  and can be easily used in combination with the XMC1100 Boot Kit, however can be adapted to other kits as well.


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