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Infineon TLE8110EDXUMA1 low-side power switch

10-channel Low-Side Switch in Smart Power Technology with Serial Peripheral Interface and 10 open drain DMOS output stages

Infineon TLE8110EDXUMA1 product picture

10-channel Low-Side Switch in Smart Power Technology with Serial Peripheral Interface and 10 open drain DMOS output stages. The TLE8110ED is protected by embedded protection functions and designed for automotive and industrial applications. The output stages are controlled via Parallel Input Pins for PWM use or SPI Interface. The TLE8110ED is particularly suitable for Engine Management and Powertrain Systems.


Key features

  • Over voltage-, over temperature-, ESD -Protection
  • Direct parallel PWM control of all 10 Channels
  • 16bit SPI interface
  • Daisy Chain 8/16-bit capability


Additional features

  • Reverse current protection
  • Blind time for unipolar stepper motors
  • Compatible with 3.3V- and 5V- Micro Controller I/O ports
  • Green product (RoHS compliant)
  • Completely Lead Free
  • Flexible usage of all Low-Side Switches
  • Inductive load clamping with VDS(CL) = 45 … 60 V
  • Cost and size optimized package
  • Full protection and diagnosis
  • SPI communication



  • Automotive Powertrain, Body and Safety applications
  • Engine Management - driving resistive/inductive loads
  • Industrial applications


Available tools

Family: High/Low Side Switch

Description: The TLE8110ED shield in the Arduino™ form factor is an universal development/evaluation kit for Infineon’s 10-channel Low-Side Switch TLE8110ED that is designed, but not limited to, Engine Management Systems and other Powertrain Applications. The TLE8110ED shield can be easily used either in combination with the XMC1100 Boot Kit or in combination with the AURIX™ TC277 Evaluation Board (TriBoard) with the help of an additional Multichannel Connection PCB 

Summary of Features:

  • Development Board with TLE8110ED in Arduino™ form factor
  • Order Code: TLE8110EDDEVBOARDTOBO1
  • Fully compatible with Infineon XMC1100 Boot Kit for quick testing and mass market (Version S)
  • Order Code: KITXMC11BOOT001TOBO1
  • Fully compatible with Infineon AURIX™ TC277 Evaluation Board (TriBoard) for advanced measurements and application specific setups (Version L)

          - Multichannel Connection PCB has to ordered separately

Infineon TLE8110EDXUMA1 low-side power switch | EBV Elektronik

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