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Infineon TLE7268SK & TLE7268LC automotive LIN transceivers

TLE7268SK/LC offers the pin-out compatibility and modularity to single Infineon LIN transceivers

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In automotive body and interior electronics related applications, the number of LIN networks is steadily increasing and as a result, some BCM are required to provide even more than 20 LIN bus connections. TLE7268SK/LC offers the pin-out compatibility and modularity to single Infineon LIN transceivers. This reduces layout efforts for placement options if either a single LIN or Dual LIN transceiver is required depending on the application.


Key features

  • Data transmission rates up to 20 kBaud
  • Compliant to LIN 2.x, 2.2x, SAE J2602 and ISO 17987-4
  • TxD dominant time-out functionality and state check
  • Digital I/O levels compatible for 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers


Additional features

  • Available in standard DSO-14 or tiny TSON-14 package which supports Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Minimized VS quiescent current consumption—max 15µA (typ 8µA)
  • INH output for controlling external circuitry or wake indication
  • Compliant to German OEM HW specification V1.3
  • Modular placement option for DUAL or single channel LIN transceiver
  • Excellent ESD performance according to HBM (+/-8 kV) and IEC 61000-4-2 (+/-10 kV)
  • Two independent single-wire LIN transceivers in one device
  • Very low current consumption in Sleep mode with wake-up capability
  • Pin and footprint compatible with single LIN transceivers such as TLE7257SJ, TLE7258SJ, and TLE7259-3GE



  • Body Controllers
  • Gateways
  • Door and Seat Control Modules
  • LIN slaves like wiper, window lifter, pumps and fans
  • Engine Managment


Available Tools

Dual LIN Demoboard for Infineon TLE7268LC (footprint for TSON-14). Purpose to evaluate funtionality and behavior of the device. It is also possible to evaluate the TLE7268SK (footprint for DSO-14) but an appropriate socket is required.



Infineon TLE7268SK & TLE7268LC LIN transceivers | EBV Elektronik

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