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Infineon IFX007T easy-to-use high power motor driver

Provides a cost optimized solution for protected high current PWM motor drives with very low board space consumption

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The IFX007T is an integrated high current half bridge for motor drive applications. It is part of the Industrial & Multi Purpose NovalithIC™ family containing one p-channel high-side MOSFET and one n-channel low-side MOSFET with an integrated driver IC in one package. Due to the p-channel high-side switch the need for a charge pump is eliminated thus minimizing EMI.

The IFX007T provides a cost optimized solution for protected high current PWM motor drives with very low board space consumption.

Key features

  • Enhanced switching speed for reduced switching losses
  • Capable for high PWM frequency combined with active freewheeling
  • Switched mode current limitation for reduced power dissipation in overcurrent
  • Current limitation level of 55 A min.


Additional features

  • Path resistance of max. 12.8 mΩ @ 25°C (typ. 10.0 mΩ @ 25°C)
  • High side: max. 6.5 mΩ @ 25°C (typ. 5.3 mΩ @ 25°C)
  • Low side: max. 6.3 mΩ @ 25°C (typ. 4.7mΩ @ 25°C)
  • Status flag diagnosis with current sense capability
  • Overtemperature shutdown with latch behavior
  • Undervoltage shutdown
  • Driver circuit with logic level inputs
  • Adjustable slew rates for optimized EMI
  • Operation up to 40 V
  • JESD47I Qualified
  • Easy to use:
  • Only 3 general purpose I/O needed to control full H-bridge,
  • Logic-Level inputs enable direct connection to µC,
  • Integrated approach saves layout and manufacturing effort while reducing stray inductances and external components 
  • Enables functional safety:
  • Integrated self-protection, including over temperature, even if the microcontroller is lost
  • Built-in cross-current protection offloads the microcontroller
  • Half-bridge approach provides logic redundancy – if one device fails, the other can stop the motor
  • Flexible motor control:
  • PWM capability ≤25kHz enables motor speed control, from either high side or low side
  • Active freewheeling from either high side or low side reduces PDISS
  • Cost optimized through system level savings:
  • Compared to a discrete solution, the NovalithIC™ saves PCB-area and pick & place costs, requiring less passive external components via integrated diagnosis and protection



  • Pumps
  • Health care (e.g., medical beds)
  • Power tools
  • Multicopter
  • CAV
  • eSkateboards
  • Vacuum cleaners and vacuum robots
  • Fans
  • Home & garden appliances
  • Industrial automation

Infineon IFX007T high power motor driver | EBV Elektronik

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