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Infineon 600 V CoolMOS™ CFD7 high voltage MOSFET

High voltage superjunction MOSFET - Infineon’s answer for resonant high power topologies

Infineon 600 V CoolMOS™ CFD7 product picture

Infineon’s answer for resonant high power topologie

The 600 V CoolMOS™ CFD7 is Infineon’s latest high voltage superjunction MOSFET technology with integrated fast body diode and completes the CoolMOS™ 7 series. It is the ideal choice for resonant topologies in high power SMPS applications such as server, telecom and EV charging stations.


Key features

  • Ultra-fast body diode
  • Best-in-class reverse recovery charge (Qrr)
  • Improved reverse diode dv/dt and diF/dt ruggedness
  • Lowest FOM RDS(on)*Qg and Eoss


Additional features

  • Best-in-class RDS(on)/package combinations
  • Best-in-class hard commutation ruggedness
  • Highest reliability for resonant topologies
  • Highest efficiency and improved thermal behavior
  • Enabling increased power density solutions



  • Server
  • Telecom

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