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Infineon CoolMOS™ G7 and CoolSiC™ G6 for high power applications

This brand new packaging solution enables fast switching and high efficiency in reduced size and weight

Infineon CoolMOS™ G7 and CoolSiC™ G6 product picture

The benefits of the already existing high voltage technologies 600 V CoolMOS™ G7 superjunction (SJ) MOSFET and CoolSiC™ Schottky diode 650 V G6 get combined with the innovative concept of top-side cooling, providing a system solution of high current hard switching topologies and a high-end efficiency solution for LLCs.

This brand new packaging solution enables fast switching and high efficiency in reduced size and weight with a minimized total cost of ownership (TCO).


Key features

  • Fist top side cooled SMD solution/innovative cooling concept
  • Chopper current limitation
  • Short circuit shut down with latch behavior
  • Detailed SPI diagnosis or simple error flag


Additional features

  • Inbuilt 4th pin Kelvin source configuration and low parasitic inductance
  • TCOB capability of >> 2.000 cycles, MSL1 compliant and total Pb free

• Thermal decoupling of board and semiconductor allows to overcome thermal PCB limits


• Reduced parasitic source inductance improves efficiency and ease-of-use

• Enables higher power density solutions

• Exceeding the highest quality standards


CoolMOS™ G7 and CoolSiC™ G6 related features and benefits:

• CoolMOS™ G7 offers BiC FOM RDS(on) x EOSS and RDS(on) x Qg

• CoolSiC™ Gen 6 offers BiC VF and FOM QG x VF

• CoolMOS™ G7 and CoolSiC™ Gen 6 as effective combination of the high-end efficiency market segment



  • High Power SMPS Applications
  • Server
  • Telecom
  • PC Power
  • Solar

Available tools

Family: MOSFET, Diode (Si, SiC), Gate Driver, CoolSET™, Microcontroller

Description: 1600W Titanium server power supply with 600V CoolMOS™ G7 superjunction MOSFET in DDPAK package

  • 1EDI20N12AF
  • 2EDN7524F
  • BSC007N04LS6
  • ICE2QR2280G
  • IDDD08G65C6
  • IPDD60R050G7
  • IPDD60R150G7
  • XMC1402-Q040X0128 AA
  • XMC4200-F64K256 BA

Infineon CoolMOS™ G7 SJ MOSFET and CoolSiC™ G6 | EBV Elektronik

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