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Infineon 2ED2304S06F 650 V half bridge gate driver IC

Using Infineon thin-film-SOI technology, 2ED2304S06F provides excellent ruggedness and noise immunity

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EiceDRIVER™ 650 V Infineon SOI half-bridge gate driver IC with integrated Bootstrap Diode for IGBTs and MOSFETs with 0.36 A source and 0.7 A sink currents in DSO-8 package. Using Infineon thin-film-SOI technology, 2ED2304S06F provides excellent ruggedness and noise immunity. The Schmitt trigger logic inputs are compatible with standard CMOS or LSTTL logic down to 3.3 V. The output drivers features a high pulse current buffer stage designed for minimum driver cross-conduction.

Key features

  • Infineon thin-film-SOI-technology
  • Fully operational to +650 V offset voltage
  • Integrated ultra-fast, low RDSON bootstrap diode
  • Output source/sink current capability +0.36 A/-0.7 A


Additional features

  • Tolerant to negative transient voltage up to 50 V (pulse width is up 500 ns) given by SOI-technology
  • Gate drive supply range from 10 to 20 V
  • Independent under-voltage lockout for both channels
  • Short propagation delay and delay matching (60 ns, Maximum)
  • Schmitt trigger inputs with hysteresis and pull down
  • 3.3 V, 5 V and 15 V input logic compatible
  • Integrated Bootstrap Diode -> Reduced system BOM cost
  • -100V negative VS immunity -> increased reliability / robustness
  • high frequency operation above 100kHz
  • 50% lower Level shift losses -> lower temperature operation and higher reliability
  • Latch-up immune -> increased reliability
  • Flexible, small PCB footprint, & easy to use device with footprint compatibility to IRS2304 / IR2304



  • Major Home Applications
  • Small Home Applications
  • AC wired power tools
  • Cooling compressors and fans
  • Pumps and fans
  • Motor control and low power devices
  • General inverter applications below 1kW
  • Half-Bridge LLC application

Infineon 2ED2304S06F half bridge gate driver IC | EBV Elektronik

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