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Broadcom ACPL-M61M low power 10 MBd digital optocoupler

Digital optocoupler with lower power supply and high operating temperature (125°C)

Broadcom ACPL-M61M Digital Optocoupler product image

Digital optocoupler with lower power supply and high operating temperature (125°C).


Key features

  • Operating Temperature : –40°C to +125°C
  • 2.5V/3.3V CMOS compatible
  • Low Power IDD : 1.5mA max
  • Propagation delay (tp) : 90ns max


Additional features

The ACPL-M61M optocoupler combines an LED and integrated high gain photo detector to address low power consumption and high operating temperature needs. It supports a 2.5V/3.3V supply voltage with guaranteed AC and DC operational parameters at the full industrial temperature range of –40°C to 125°C. The higher operating temperature helps minimize thermal runway and reduce temperature related design margins. The optocoupler consumes low power LED driving current from 1.6mA and is able to reduce the external driving buffer. This addresses market trends of energy saving efficiency and withstand harsh industrial operating conditions.

Key Features

2.5V/3.3V CMOS compatible

Higher operating temperature up to 125ºC to minimize thermal runaway

Utilizes ASICs, mixed signal uP with low power supply (2.5V) and LED direct drive (low IF) driving current

Package: SO5

Low Power IDD : 1.5mA max

Low LED driving current IF : 1.6mA min

High speed: 10 MBd min

Propagation delay (tp) : 90ns max

Pulse width distortion (PWD) : 45ns max

Propagation delay skew (tpsk) : 50ns max

Common-mode noise immunity (CMR): 20 kV/µs min @ Vcm 1000V

IEC 60747-5-5 Working Voltage: 567 Vpk

UL1577 Isolation Voltage: 3750 Vrms


  • Digital isolation for A/D, D/A converstion
  • ASIC, MCU system interface (PLCs, DCs, I/O module)
  • Communciation interface: RS485, RS232

Broadcom ACPL-M61M low power digital optocoupler | EBV Elektronik

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