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Vishay VEMD5510 high speed PIN photodiodes

High speed PIN photodiodes provide reliable signal detection, enable slim sensor designs for wearables.

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High Speed PIN Photodiodes Provide Reliable Signal Detection, Enable Slim Sensor Designs for Wearables. Offering Enhanced Sensitivity for Visible Light, Devices Feature Suppression Filters for Infrared Radiation in Compact SMD Packages. It is a low profile surface-mount device (SMD) including the chip with a 7.5 mm2 sensitive area detecting visible light much like the human eye. The diode has its peak sensitivity at 550 nm and a low capacitance.

Key features

  • Enhanced sensitivity for visible light
  • Fast switching times
  • Large radiant-sensitive areas measuring 7.5 mm²
  • High speed photo detection for flame detectors


Additional features

  • Infrared radiation suppression filters and black packages improve signal-to-noise ratio
  • Compact 5 mm by 4 mm top-view, surface-mount packages with a low 0.9 mm profile
  • Offer sensitivity ranges of 440 nm to 700 nm (VEMD5510C) and 440 nm to 620 nm (VEMD5510CF)
  • Reverse light currents of 0.6 µA (VEMD5510C) and 0.25 µA (VEMD5510CF)± 65° angle of half-sensitivity
  • RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL) of 4 in accordance with J-STD-020 for a floor life of 72 hours
  • Optical heart rate measurement in wearable devices, as well as medical biosensors connected to patient monitoring systeHigh speed photo detection for flame detectors



  • Optical heart rate measurement in wearable devices
  • High speed photo detection for flame detectors
  • Ambient light sensing for display dimming

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