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Toshiba TB67H400A dual channel brushed DC motor driver

TB67H400A provides a low R-on resistance which reduces power dissipation and improves efficiency

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Fabricated with the 130nm BiCD process Toshiba's motor driver ICs improve motor performance and efficiency with small footprints and manageable costs.




The TB67H400A is a brushed DC motor driver of PWM chopper-type.

Fabricated with Toshiba’s 130 nm BiCD process the TB67H400A provides a low R-on resistance which reduces power dissipation and improves efficiency.Incorporating two channels of output drivers the TB67H400A can drive either two motors (max 4 A) or can be configured to drive one motor with higher current (max 8 A).

The device features four operating modes: forward, reverse, short-circuit brake and stop. Two different types of current control are supported by this driver: either a direct PWM or a constant current PWM signal can be used.

Safety and reliability of the system are enhanced by the integration of thermal shutdown (TSD), overcurrent detection (ISD) and power-on reset (POR) functions.

The TB67H400A is available in four different packages to support customer requirements for PCB size reduction or high current operation: The small QFN and HTSSOP package contribute to downsizing of equipment and reduction of material costs. The heat dissipating ZIP package maximizes power dissipation, supporting applications that require continuous motor drive at high current. Additionally a DIP package version is also available.

The TB67H400AFTG is compatible with the Toshiba TB67H410AFTG which features a lower current rating at a lower price. This allows EBV's customers to select the motor driver that best fits his needs.

To support the customer’s system development a TB67H400A PSpice model for circuit simulation can be downloaded from the Toshiba website. To evaluate the TB67H400AFTG motor driver performance an evaluation board is available on request.



  • Brushed DC motor driver
  • Configurable as 1 or 2 channel driver
  • Max 50 V/4.0 A (2-channel)
  • Max 50 V/8.0 A (1-channel)
  • Low output Ron: 0.49 Ω typ. (high side + low side, 2 channel mode)
  • Operating modes: forward, reverse, short-circuit brake, stop (off)
  • Drive modes: direct PWM & constant current PWM
  • Integrated error detection features:
  • Thermal Shutdown (TSD)
  • Overcurrent Detection (ISD)
  • Power-on reset (POR)
  • TB67H400AFTG (50 V/4.0 A) is compatible with TB67H410FTG (50 V/2.5 A)
  • Four packages available:
  • WQFN48 (TB67H400AFTG)
  • HTSSOP48 (TB67H400AFNG)
  • HZIP25 (TB67H400AHG
  • SDIP24 (TB67H400ANG



  • Industrial
  • Home appliances
  • White goods
  • Rolling shutter
  • Ventilation
  • Fans
  • Spinning machines

Toshiba TB67H400A brushed DC motor driver | EBV Elektronik

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