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OSRAM OSLUX SFH 4786S high power IR emitter

The SFH 4786S is the latest addition to the OSLUX family, reducing complexity for designing iris recognition systems.


OSLUX SFH 4780S: high power IR emitter ideal for biometric Iris recognition security.

The SFH 4786S is the latest addition to the OSLUX family, reducing complexity for designing iris recognition systems.

 At 1.6 millimeters (mm) this new IRED is around one third shallower than its predecessor, SFH 4780S. Its direction of emission is slightly angled so there is no further need for the usual mechanical aids to ensure correct geometrical alignment.

Recently being adopted in smartphones and tablets, recognizing different iris patterns from one person to the next is one of the most reliable biometric identification methods. The Oslux SFH 4780S, the first IRED which enabled compact and reliable iris scanners to be integrated in mobile devices, was launched in 2014. The 2.4 mm high SFH 4780S is optimized for maximum light extraction, the height of SFH 4786S is just 1.6 mm.

A completely new feature is the 8° tilt in the emission direction of the SFH 4786S. The slightly sideways emission characteristic is beneficial for the field of view of the camera mounted a little distance away. The performance of the overall system is significantly better than one with an emitter emitting vertically upwards.

Mechanical means to tilt the IRED slightly are no longer needed with the SFH 4786S and therefore customers can expect a reduction of cost and level of complexity when designing iris scanners.

The application also benefits from the broader emission angle of +-13° which allows a larger area to be illuminated at the customary working distance for iris scanners in mobile devices.

Like the SFH 4780S, the SFH 4786S (vol. productions since end of January 2016) emits light with a wavelength of 810 nanometers (nm). In this spectral range it is possible to achieve high-contrast images for all iris colors. The Nanostack design provides two emission centers per emitter and therefore allows maximum optical output.

Both IREDs are based on the highly efficient Oslux package which focuses the light very tightly with its reflector and an appropriate internal lens. It is therefore capable not only of providing very high radiant intensities but also of being extremely easy to process thanks to its flat surface. The thermal resistance of the package of is as low as 25 Kelvin per watt (K/W). The only difference to the SFH 4780S to be considered is the smaller component height of the SFH 4786S with same footprint.


Key features


Additional features

  • IR lightsource with high efficiency
  • Double stack emitter
  • Low thermal resistance (Max. 25 K/W)
  • Centroid wavelength 810 nm
  • Small package dimensions (LxWxH): 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.6 mm³
  • Narrow half angle (+/- 13°) / 8° tilted



  • Iris recognition systems (portable and stationary)
  • Access Control
  • Biometric authentication systems
  • Infrared illuminaton

OSRAM OSLUX SFH 4786S high power IR emitter | EBV Elektronik

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