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ON Semiconductor NCV8163 LDO Regulator, Ultra-Low Noise and High PSRR

The NCV8163 is an LDO capable of supplying 250 mA output current

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The NCV8163 is an LDO (Low Dropout Regulator) capable of supplying 250 mA output current. Designed to meet the requirements of RF and analog circuits, the NCV8163 device provides low noise, high PSRR, low quiescent current, and very good load/line transients. The device is designed to work with a 1 uF input and a 1 uF output ceramic capacitor.


Key features

  • Ultra Low Quiescent Current 12 uA
  • Very Low Dropout 80mV@250mA
  • Ultra High PSRR 92dB at 1 kHz
  • Ultra High PSRR 60dB at 100 kHz


Additional features

  • Improved efficiency during light load conditions               
  • Low power dissipation at full load
  • Excellent for noise sensitive device like Image Sensors



  • Automotive
  • ADAS
  • Image sensor
  • Radar / Lidar

ON Semiconductor NCV8163 LDO Regulator | EBV Elektronik

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