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NXP MRFX1K80H 65 V wideband RF power LDMOS transistor

The MRFX1K80H is the first device based on NXP's new 65 V LDMOS technology that focuses on ease of use

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The MRFX1K80H is the first device based on NXP's new 65 V LDMOS technology that focuses on ease of use.

This high ruggedness transistor is designed for use in high VSWR industrial, scientific and medical applications, as well as radio and VHF TV broadcast, sub-GHz aerospace and mobile radio applications.

Its unmatched input and output design allows for wide frequency range use from 1.8 to 400 MHz.

The MRFX1K80H is pin-compatible (same PCB) with its plastic version MRFX1K80N, with MRFE6VP61K25H and MRFE6VP61K25N (1250 W @ 50 V), and with MRF1K50H and MRF1K50N (1500 W @ 50 V).


Key features

  • More power – Higher voltage enables higher power density, less transistors to combine.
  • Faster development time – higher output power means reasonable output impedance.
  • Wide safety margin – Higher breakdown voltage of 182 V improves ruggedness
  • Design reuse – pin-compatibility with current 50 V LDMOS transistors


Additional features

1800 W CW

1.8-470 MHz


Unmatched input and output


NI-1230 air cavity ceramic package

0.09°C/W thermal resistance

182 V min breakdown voltage V(BR)DSS

Extreme ruggedness: handles 65:1 VSWR

Warranted availability until 2032 minimum



  • Industrial, scientific, medical (ISM)
  • Laser/Plasma generation, Particle acceleratiors
  • MRI, RF ablation and skin treatment
  • Industrial heating, welding and drying systems
  • Radio and VHF TV broadcast

Available tools

MRFX1K80H 27 MHz reference circuit

MRFX1K80H 64 MHz reference circuit

MRFX1K80H 81 MHz reference circuit

MRFX1K80H 87.5-108 MHz reference circuit

MRFX1K80H 128 MHz reference circuit

MRFX1K80H 175 MHz reference circuit

MRFX1K80H VHF Doherty reference circuit

MRFX1K80H 230 MHz reference circuit

NXP MRFX1K80H 65 V RF power LDMOS transistor | EBV Elektronik

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