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Microchip SAM L21 Series ultra low power microcontroller

The SAM L21 is built upon ultra-low power ARM Cortex-M0+ devices expanding Atmel's product offering beyond the SAM D family to address the next generation of ultra-low power products.

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The low-power SAM L21 family expands the Atmel|SMART 32-bit ARM® based products using Atmel’s proprietary picoPower™ technology.

Consuming extraordinary low power in this market today, it is enabling the swelling IOT space and portable battery applications.

Atmel’s SAM L21 family delivers ultra-low power running down to 35µA/MHz in active mode running EEMBC® CoreMark®, sub 900nA with full SRAM Retention and RTC, and 200nA in the deepest sleep mode. With an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ CPU, rapid wake-up times, Event System, Sleepwalking and the innovative picoPower peripherals that can remain running while the rest of the device is sleeping, the SAM L21 family is ideal for handheld and battery-operated devices in a variety of markets including IoT, consumer, industrial and portable medical applications. SAM L21 also features an improved low power PTC that enables wake-up from touch down to 2.5uA.

With over 50 billion devices predicted for the IoT market by 2020, there is a need for lower power MCUs that will drive these applications without adding load to power grids or requiring frequent battery changes. Atmel’s latest microcontroller family is designed exactly for these applications, expanding battery life from years to decades.

The SAM L21 is built upon ultra-low power ARM Cortex-M0+ devices expanding Atmel's product offering beyond the SAM D family to address the next generation of ultra-low power products. The SAM L21 family also integrate additional functionality like full-speed crystal-less USB, Low Power peripheral touch controller that requires no external components, Event System with 2nd generation sleepwalking that gates both clock and power, low power 12 bit 1Msps ADC, 12 bit DAC, DMA, timers/counters for control applications, 3x internal OpAmps, Programmable custom logic, and several other new features.

Atmel|SMART cortex-M0+ devices from the SAM D10 to the SAM L21 are code- and pin-compatible making it easy for designers to migrate up and down the family.



  • Low Power High efficient power-saving techniques
  •  12-channel event system
  • peripherals to communicate directly with each other without involving the CPU.
  • Atmel SleepWalking peripherals gate both the clock and power to reduce leakage and switching,
  • Only wake the CPU only upon a pre-qualified event
  • Ultra low power consumption of 35uA/MHz in active mode and a ULPBench score of 185.8
  • Peripheral Flexibility 
  • Multiple SERCOMs (Serial communication modules) are fully SW-configurable to handle I2C (3.4 MHz max. ), USART/UART and SPI. I2S, PMBus, and SMBus are also supported.
  • DMA
  •  16-channel DMA controller (memory and peripheral data transfers)
  • Full-Speed USB
  • Support of both USB embedded Host and USB Device modes.
  • Full-speed USB is supported in Device mode (internal RC oscillator)
  • Atmel QTouch® Peripheral Touch Controller 
  • Built-in hardware support for buttons, sliders, wheels and proximity
  • Both mutual and self-capacitive touch; no need for external components
  • Superb sensitivity and noise tolerance, as well as self-calibration
  • Scalability
  • Flash memory: 32KB to 256KB
  • SRAM 40kB
  • 32- to 64-pin package options



  • IOT end node applications
  • Battery backup applications
  • Portable applications (medical, activity trackers, dataloggers, sensor hubs, ....)
  • Metering
  • Touch panels
  • Home automation
  • Fire and Security
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Wireless applications for 802.15.4, BT/BLE or Wi-Fi

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