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Microchip ATA663431/54 LIN SBC including LIN transceiver

ATA663431/ATA663454 is a new generation of system basis chips with a fully integrated LIN transceiver, a low-drop voltage regulator, a window watchdog, and a high-side switch.

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Promotion of a generation of system basis chips (SBC) with a fully integrated LIN transceiver.

Designed in compliance with LIN specifications 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2 A and SAEJ2602-2, the Atmel® ATA663431/ATA663454 is a new generation of system basis chips with a fully integrated LIN transceiver, a low-drop voltage regulator (3.3 V/5 V/85 mA), a window watchdog, and a high-side switch.

This combination makes it possible to develop simple, but powerful, slave nodes in LIN-bus systems.

Atmel ATA663431/ATA663454 is designed to handle low-speed data communication in vehicles (such as in convenience electronics). Improved slope control at the LIN driver ensures secure data communication up to 20 Kbaud. The bus output is designed to withstand high voltage. Sleep mode and silent mode guarantee a minimized current consumption even in the case of a floating or short-circuited LIN bus.



  • Supply voltage up to 40 V
  • Operating voltage VVS = 5 V to 28 V
  • Supply current
  • Sleep mode: typically 10 μA
  • Silent mode: typically 47 μA
  • Very low current consumption at low supply voltages (2 V < VVS < 5.5 V): typically 150 μA
  • Linear low-drop voltage regulator, 85 mA current capability:
  • MLC (multi-layer ceramic) capacitor with 0 Ω ESR
  • Normal, fail-safe, and silent mode
  • Atmel ATA663454: VCC = 5.0 V ±2%
  • Atmel ATA663431: VCC = 3.3 V ±2%
  • Sleep mode: VCC is switched off
  • VCC undervoltage detection with open drain reset output (NRES, 4ms reset time)
  • Voltage regulator is short-circuit and over-temperature protected
  • Adjustable watchdog time via external resistor
  • Negative trigger input for watchdog
  • Limp Home watchdog failure output
  • LIN physical layer according to LIN 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2 A and SAEJ2602-2
  • Bus pin is overtemperature and short-circuit protected versus GND and battery
  • High-side switch
  • Wake-up capability via LIN Bus (100μs dominant), WKin pin and CL15 pin
  • Wake-up source recognition
  • TXD time-out timer
  • Advanced EMC and ESD performance
  • Fulfills the OEM “Hardware Requirements for LIN in Automotive Applications Rev.1.3”
  • Interference and damage protection according to ISO7637
  • Package: DFN16 with wettable flanks



  • Door modules
  • Window lifter
  • Steering wheel switch control
  • Climate control
  • Seat control
  • Automotive control network
  • Body electronics
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Medical instrument and tools
  • Transportation
  • Lift/elevator control

Microchip ATA663431/54 with LIN transceiver | EBV Elektronik

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