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IDT 5X2503/5L2503 MicroClock™ programmable clocks

Size, power and flexibility all in one package with 5X2503 and 5L2503 programmable clocks

IDT 5P49V5907 AND 5P49V5908 product image

The 5X2503 and 5L2503 MicroClock™ programmable clock generators offer the low power and small form factor demanded by compact applications in the consumer market.

The devices come equipped with innovative features and low power DCO to support battery powered devices. The embedded crystal option offers board space savings of up to 80% over conventional crystal solutions.

An internal one-time-programmable memory allows the user to store a configuration in the device, eliminating the need for programming after power up. This feature also provides flexibility on diversified platforms.


Key features

  • Proactive Power Saving (PPS)
  • Dedicated OE pin for each output
  • Dynamic Frequency Control (DFC)
  • Small package with integrated crystal reduces

Additional features

  • Proactive Power Saving (PPS)
  • Energy savings with less design effort—actively switches modes according to the status of the downstream clocked component
  • Dedicated OE pin for each output
  • Minimizes power consumption based on performance requirements
  • Dynamic Frequency Control (DFC)
  • Allows fast changes between pre-selected frequencies for TDM or FSK interfaces
  • Spread Spectrum technology attenuates system EMI
  • Low Power
  • Replaces large 32.768kHz crystal with smaller, more reliable 32.768kHz clock
  • Programmability
  • Single device adapts to clock requirements of various platforms, facilitating design re-use
  • Small package with integrated crystal reduces board space and lowers BOM cost



  • portable personal electronics
  • body functions monitor

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