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Broadcom BCM89200 4-port broadR-reach® automotive switch

The BCM89200 device is Broadcom's first fully integrated BroadR-Reach® multilayer switch to support automotive qualification (AEC-Q100)

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The BCM89200 device is Broadcom's first fully integrated BroadR-Reach® multilayer switch to support automotive qualification (AEC-Q100) for in-car networking applications.


Key features

  • Enhanced structure for non-blocking line-rate data transfer
  • Switch core supports on-chip ARM® Cortex®- R4 and SRAM
  • Deep Sleep and Ultra-low Power mode support
  • Proc. subsystem for timing stack and AVB bridging functions


Additional features

  • Enhanced architecture supports nonblocking, line-rate data transfer at wirespeed performance for all frame sizes over unshielded single-pair twisted cable.
  • Integrated switch core with provisions for the integrated ARM® Cortex®- R4 processor and dedicated on-chip SRAM to send and receive frames.
  • Processor subsystem supports timing stack and AVB bridging support functions.
  • Deep Sleep and Ultralow Power mode support, which reduces power consumption to zero during periods of inactivity.
  • Specific architectural and design enhancements increase design for test, reliability, and quality (AEC-Q100 and EMC requirements)
  • IEEE 1588 and IEEE 802.1AS timing functions.
  • Peer-to-peer and end-to-end transparent clocking in hardware.
  • Automotive cable diagnostics feature, which can detect pair open/short and distance

Broadcom BCM89200 broadR-reach® ATV switch | EBV Elektronik

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