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Broadcom AFBR-POCxxxL family optical power converters

There are different versions for typical 5 VDC applications (AFBR-POC206L/AFBR-POC406) and typical 3 VDC applications (AFBR-POC204L/AFBR-POC404L).

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This product family of optical power converters converts optical power to electrical power for applications requiring complete electrical isolation in highly demanding industrial environments and applications. These products are an excellent choice for powering electronic circuitry where electrical-wired solutions are not feasible due to high voltage, electromagnetic inductance or strong magnetic fields.

There are different versions available providing operating voltages for typical 5 VDC applications (AFBR-POC206L/AFBR-POC406) and  typical 3 VDC applications (AFBR-POC204L/AFBR-POC404L).


Key features

  • RoHS-compliant
  • PoF component providing 100% galvanic isolation
  • Operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C
  • Easy heat sink mounting for thermal control


Additional features

  • Power over Fiber (PoF) component providing 100% galvanic isolation
  • Supplies up to 600mW of electrical power over the full operating range
  • FC port optimized for efficient coupling to MM fibers with commonly available NA 



  • High voltage current sensors and transducers
  • E-field and H-field probes
  • MRI/ RF Imaging colls and patient monitoring equipment
  • Power cinditioning circultry
  • Wireless transmitters
  • Aircraft sensors and transducers

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Broadcom AFBR-POCxxxL family optical power converters | EBV Elektronik

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