Complementary Sales Partner

DENX Software Engineering provides software engineering services in the area of Embedded and Real-Time Systems. They have a high level of expertise in that area with a strong focus on Open Source Software, especially Linux, but also FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc.

DENX Software Engineering team can port firmware and operating systems to your hardware and write device drivers and other low-level or hardware-related software components. They develop, tailor and install the base software for your embedded systems and provide solutions to problems as performance optimization, security concepts or tools for automatic software updates. This allows you to put all your resources in the development of your applications. They also provide on-the-job training for engineers who need to ramp up quickly on how to develop software for Embedded Linux systems. For example, DENX has developed a powerful Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) that runs on x86/Linux, x86/FreeBSD and SPARC/Solaris host operating systems and supports a wide range of PowerPC target processors (8xx, 82xx, 7xx, 74xx, 4xx). A version for ARM processors is available, too. All components are available for free, and with complete source code. DENX also has started the development and is the driving force behind the PPCBoot and U-Boot Open Source projects which provides powerful, flexible and portable firmware for PowerPC systems. U-Boot has been ported to more than 100 boards (including most well-known evaluation boards) using PowerPC, ARM, MIPS and x86 processors. Their Simple Embedded Linux Framework provides an easily extensible default configuration for Embedded Linux systems which has been succesfully used as base system for several projects.