Complementary Franchise

Maco Engineering

MaCo-Engineering offers you engineering- services around ALTERA® PLDs (FPGAs and CPLDs) from consulting to the implementation of complete designs.

The services contain realisation con-cepts, implementation, verification, documentation and consulting concern-ing new customer applications as well as conversion, optimisation and adaptation of existing customer applications. Your desired application will be designed according to your requirements in a PLD. MaCo-Engineering develops according to your ideas, requests and specifications to implement your application. You will be delivered a verified and documented ALTERA® PLD design. Do you already have a finished design and want to convert it from an ASIC or older PLD design to an ALTERA® PLD design? MaCo-Engineering can support you! MaCo-Engineering can also optimize existing ALTERA® PLD designs or adapt existing designs to new requirements! The complete hardware development around your PLD can be done by MaCo-Engineering as well.