Complementary Franchise


Funded in 2001, ipTronix provides R&D services to visionary companies who understand that translating an idea in a product requires a vast array of different competences that are hardly maintainable in house.

ipTronix partners with silicon vendors and specializes in reference design creation on new chips long before their introduction in the market; this allows our designers to master the potential of each part long before other companies even know about it. The skills we developed in FPGA design, custom IP blocks, System On Chip and ARM processors of any size, are at customer's disposal awaiting for the most challenging requests on topics such as:

  • High speed DSP (Audio, Video, Direct Digital Synthesis, etc)
  • Multi GHz busses (DDR2/3/4, USB2/3, PCIe, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc)
  • Mobile/Low power designs
  • High density designs (01005 passives, 0.4mm pitch BGAs)

ipTronix services range from call based consultancy to full turnkey design, including schematic design and PCB layout, prototyping, small and large volume manufacturing.