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EBV Product Finder Renesas RE Family

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Featured product

Renesas RE Family

The new RE Family based on Renesas’ innovative Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide (SOTB™) process technology realizes ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby mode and fast CPU operation at low voltages. The ultra-low power operation extends battery life for battery-operated portable and battery backup applications and allows the use of energy harvesting power sources. Possible application areas are Building Automation/Home Appliance, IoT sensing applications, Healthcare, Smart Agriculture and Wearables.

Key features

  • 64MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0+
  • 1.5MB Flash Memory and 256kB SRAM
  • Multiple low power modes to optimize performance / low power
  • Unique energy harvesting controller

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EBV Feature Story 50 YEARS BEES

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We are saving the bees

EBV has a long history of caring for the environment. Since 2008 EBV has implemented dozens of tangible activities and green investments. This year, EBV is starting a new initiative designed to raise awareness among our staff and partners about the protection of bees. Our long-term partners Broadcom, Infineon, NXP, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Toshiba and Vishay support our activities. Bees play an important role in maintaining the balance in our ecosystem. EBV’s headquarters in Poing will provide the space and the possibility to set up flower meadows with insect hotels providing food and shelter for the wild bees. Furthermore EBV is working together with the local beekeeper association to build a bee house in Poing enabling and allowing them to improve their working conditions as well as providing a better weather protection for the bee hives.

save the bees

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