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    Clinical-grade accuracy
    for next-gen wearables

    Maxim offers two new continuous-monitoring body sensors
    for next-generation wearable health and fitness applications.

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  • The Quintessence

    Spectrometer Solutions

    Broadcom offers a family of compact modular spectrometer
    devices for UV–VIS–NIR measurements for a wide range of
    industrial, biomedican and scientific research applications.

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  • Turning your ideas
    into solutions

    Celebrate with EBV fifty years of success in the electronics industry!
    We are the experts enabling technologies for the trends of tomorrow.

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  • The Quintessence

    The Quintessence

    Out now: TQ of Digital Motor Control.
    The free knowledge magazine from EBV is
    available in English and German language.

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    Custom support delivered
    with maximum scale

    Avnet’s supply chain services help you forecast and position materials
    around the globe so they’re ready when you need them.

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EBV and Infineon - 24 GHz

Featured product

New MEMS sensors sample kit for environmental applications

Sign up for the chance to receive this MEMS sensors sample kit which includes 4 different adapter boards with ST´s latest environmental sensors and a powerful motherboard for easy and fast evaluation. Turn Your creative ideas into a real design right now!

Featured products:

  • STTS751 (Temperature sensor)
  • HTS221 (Humidity sensor)
  • LPS22HH (Pressure sensor)
  • LPS33HW (Water-resistant Pressure sensor)
  • STEVAL-MKI109V3 (MEMS evaluation motherboard)

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EBV Feature Story AI Whitepaper

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Read our "Artificial Intelligence" whitepaper

We are rapidly approaching a future where entire industries will be transformed by artificial intelligence. The phenomenal developments ushered in by the industrial revolution followed by the information revolution are now converging in new ways to bring about a paradigm shift in how we work, live our lives, secure our health and generate prosperity. At the core of the new paradigm is a set of technologies, loosely termed AI, that are driving massive transformations.

In this whitepaper, the core ideas related Artificial Intelligence (AI) are defined and presented. Key developments in the application of AI in various fields are also outlined. A framework for thinking about the impact of AI in the business world and introductions to openly available AI resources are also discussed.

Download the whitepaper to read more!

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