• Sherpa guiding to reach further

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    With new capabilities and solutions, we are uniquely positioned to guide
    your ideas into tomorrow’s technology. Welcome to the new Avnet.

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  • Owlet baby monitor

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    One small challenge can significantly delay a product launch.
    For tech start-up Owlet, Avnet turned a roadblock into a giant leap further.

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  • Smart street lights

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    What if a street light could help save a life?
    See how Ubicquia is making cities smarter, with help from Avnet.

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  • Braster embedded camera

    Go-to-market vision

    Braster is helping women to detect breast cancer earlier.
    Avnet helped them find just the right embedded camera for the job.

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  • Shipping boxes with Avnet logo

    A footprint on five continents

    Guiding you through the entire product lifecycle means we offer first-class distribution,
    logistics and post-sales support in every region you do business.

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Evaluation Kit for Certified WiFi Module “IRIS”

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EBV Chips Iris

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Featured Product: Evaluation Kit for Certified WiFi Module “IRIS”

IRIS is a complete, shielded and certified WiFi module that allows automatic connection to cloud and mobile apps without network programming. This kit features a PCB antenna (2 dB), low power consumption, over-the-air upgrades of module and client firmware, and is highly suitable for the IoT market connecting sensors with internet.

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You have an idea for a product. You want to make it a reality. You want to share your expertise.
The Avnet community is here for you. We bring together engineers, technology partners and industry experts to share and collaborate on a multitude of projects. Whether you’ve come to tinker with an idea or get a product to market, our communities provide a way for you to gain valuable feedback from a variety of resources.

Participate in one of our many challenges and events to connect and learn about new technology, or access different platforms and resources to create and accelerate your project to production.
Join Avnet, Hackster.io, element14 and the more than 600,000 community members as we work to make today’s ideas tomorrow’s reality.

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