Servers drive your embedded solution

Servers are at the heart of your embedded system whether it’s driving an operational technology appliance or data center infrastructure. Servers provide a quick route to market for delivering your application without having to develop the hardware yourself. Avnet has a wide range of server options and our system engineers will guide you to the one best matched to your strategy.

We understand all of the functional areas of server technology and use our experience designing systems for specific vertical markets to ensure your success.

A server for all environments

The form factors, performance and features you need in your server are as diverse as the markets you serve. Our server lineup includes:

  • Embedded Servers: Control industrial and communications equipment.
  • Converged Systems: Customizable, fully integrated compute, storage and networking data center server.
  • Hyper-Converged Systems: Scalable, integrated servers with all data center functions in a rack.
  • Dedicated Appliances: A single purpose server used for a specific data center function.

Avnet offers both standard configurations and customizable systems. Our system engineers have experience, with all of the technologies we offer, developing equipment for market applications. We use best practices for successfully creating healthcare, industrial, communications and data center solutions.

Our servers use the latest generation of processors in the most popular architectures. We’ll support your design by providing access to virtual and physical development equipment. This allows you to test your code on servers with different combinations of the number of processors and cores per processor. Our team ensure you get the performance you’re looking for in an efficient manner. You’ll also be able to customize features like memory, storage and I/Os on the inside and paint and bezel design on the outside to truly make your product stand out. You can decide to change out a specific feature to get optimum performance or offer your customer different options to choose from as part of your market penetration strategy.

Avnet features products from MSC Technology—a recognized market leader for servers and server components. MSC has developed specific solutions for harsh environments, making them ideal for industrial applications.

Avnet is also an authorized source for the leading technology innovators for both server components and fully configured systems. When you partner with Avnet, you’ll never have to wonder if the devices in your server are original factory equipment. Our system engineers and product management teams work closely with their counterparts at the factory to collaborate on design and supply-chain actions to meet your technical and delivery requirements.

Build anywhere to capture markets everywhere

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Build anywhere to capture markets everywhere

Once you’ve locked down your design, we’ll put everything together in our award-winning ISO-certified integration centers, available in every global region. All of these centers are on a common system for storing and accessing build instructions, bills of materials and order specific instructions. Leveraging our centers, you’ll be able to position your product in any local market around the world without having to find and requalify a build center. Our centers have been awarded for quality and performance by the recognized leading OEMs in the healthcare, data center and industrial markets.

Beyond building your server solution, we’ll also handle testing and certification, ensuring your product is market-ready and agency-approved before shipping.

We’ll work with you to create a supply-chain solution for maximum efficiency at the lowest total cost of ownership. We can also act as your call center for technical support and warranty claims. If there’s ever an issue with your product in the field, we’ve got on-site and depot repair services to keep your customers satisfied.

Finally, when your server reaches the end of its service life, Avnet’s asset recycling services will remove and handle the equipment in the most environmentally friendly manner. From initial concept to the very end—we’re with you.

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