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The fastest way to make secure IoT devices

With more and more IoT devices coming onto the market, the security of these devices is a big concern. The Avnet Azure Sphere MT3260 Modules offer the fastest and easiest ways to make IoT endpoint devices highly secure, so developers can move rapidly from prototype to production.

These production-ready, certified modules support Microsoft’s Azure Sphere end-to-end solution for highly secure, WiFi connected microcontroller devices. Two versions are available. Cost-optimised systems can use the on-board chip antenna module while applications needing higher performance antennas can use an external UFL antenna module supporting two external antennas. As both modules are pin and footprint compatible, migrating designs and enhancing end-products are easy. It’s also faster to design the implementation of Sphere-based solutions as all the necessary support and RF front-end circuitry are integrated onto the 33mm x 22mm module. Developers can even save on certification costs and testing time by leveraging the modules wireless certifications for their end-product.

Target applications

  • IoT edge devices
  • Consumer appliances
  • Smart retail
  • Remote access
  • Building automation
  • Factory automation


  • On-board (chip) or external (U.FL) antenna module versions
  • Pin and footprint compatible
  • Based on the MediaTek MT3620AN SoC
    • 1x 500MHz ARM Cortex A7, 4MB SRAM
    • 2x 200MHz ARM Cortex M4F cores, 64KB SRAM
    • Dual-band 2.4/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
  • Module I/O peripheral support
    • 3x ISU interfaces pre-configured for UART, SPI, I2C
    • ADC/GPIO: 3x 12-bit ADC inputs (or 3 GPIOs)
    • PWM/GPIO: 9x PWM outputs (or up to 24 GPIOs)
    • RTC (requires VBAT supply)
    • Programming & recovery Interface
  • Chip antenna version
    • Dual-band 2.4/5GHz chip antenna (Pulse W3006)
    • Operating Temperature: -30~85°C
  • External UFL antenna version
    • Supports full TX and RX antenna diversity
    • Two U.FL connectors for external 2.4/5GHz flex antennas
    • Operating Temperature: -40C~85°C industrial rating
  • Dimensions: 33mm x 22mm x 3mm
  • Certification: FCC / IC / CE / RoHS (pending)


Avnet Azure Sphere module

Block diagram

Avnet Azure Sphere module


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