Securing IoT devices against attacks

Attacks on IoT devices are ever on the increase. In the first half of 2019 alone, 105 million attacks were already detected, according to a recent Kaspersky report. Unfortunately, implementing security on IoT devices can be challenging due to the complex and fragmented IoT ecosystems. Avnet has already been offering security hardware solutions to the market including Secure Element and TPM. In the latest development, Avnet is partnering with Trusted Objects to offer a new security solution: TO Protect.

TO Protect is a lightweight secure software library that enables a robust root of trust on any generic MCU running in IoT device. By offering security & cryptography operations, secure connectivity and secure storage, TO Protect provides augmented security against physical and logical attacks based on the same hardware design.  Running on generic MCU (ARM Cortex, RISC V), TO Protect software is easy to integrate into the target device. It is also easy to integrate into the IoT security chain for fast deployment of connected devices. Evaluation kit is available under NDA while TO Protect libraries for production are available under Technology Access License model (TAL).

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  • Security & cryptography operations: mutual authentication, integrity protection and confidentiality.
  • Secure connectivity: LoRaWAN, TLS, DTLS secure implementation.
  • Secure storage: keys, certificates.
  • Device firmware IP protection.
  • Limited code size and fast execution time. No need to change device hardware design.
  • Secure keys provisioning solutions for customer manufacturing support.
  • Security evaluation and pre-certificate support by Avnet Security Lab.

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