Securing IoT connections to the cloud easily

With the increasing number of attacks on embedded systems, there is an urgent need for high-end security solutions. To meet these needs, Avnet and Infineon bring you the OPTIGA™ Trust M and OPTIGA™ TPM to secure both your home and your vehicle.

OPTIGA™ Trust M 
The OPTIGA™ Trust M provides a unique identity to every IoT device in the form of a unique elliptic-curve keypair and a corresponding X.509 certificate. With such an anchor of trust for connecting IoT devices to the cloud, access to any major cloud service provider becomes secured, fast, and easy, boosting performance tremendously. Design, integration and deployment effort is further minimized by the turnkey set-up with full system integration. Coupled with its wide range of security solutions, OPTIGA™ Trust M is ideal for all embedded projects.

Those interested in securing automotive applications can count on the OPTIGA™ TPM SLI 9670. Based on a tamper-resistant secured micro-controller using advanced hardware security technology, this hardened Trusted Platform Module provides a hardware root of trust, ciphering and deciphering. The result? OTA software updates can be easily secured and secret keys and credentials readily stored.

Car driving at night with LED headlights


  • High-end security controller with CC EAL6+ (high) certification
  • Turnkey solution ›ECC NIST P256/P384, SHA-256, TRNG, DRNG, RSA® 1024/2048
  • Cryptographic toolbox
  • I2C interface with shielded  connection (encrypted communication)
  • Hibernate mode for zero power consumption
  • MIT licensed software framework on GitHib
  • Standard and extended
    • Temperature ranges: -40 to + 105°C
  • PG-USON-10-2 package (3 x 3 mm)
  • Up to 10 kB user memory
    • Protected updates
    • Usage counters
    • Dynamic object (e.g. credentials) locking
  • Device security monitor
  • Lifetime of up to 20 years for industrial and infrastructure applications
  • Compliant to TPM 2.0 Rev. 1.38
  • ­ Firmware upgrade to TPM 1.2
  • ­ SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) to allow easy system integration
  • ­ TCG and Common Criteria certified with EAL4+
  • ­ FIPS 140-2 certified FW available via FW update
  • ­ FW with combined Common Criteria EAL4+ and FIPS 140-2 certification available


  • Industrial and building automation
  • ICT
  • Smart home
  • Connected consumer devices
  • IP-Camera
  • Smart Lock
  • ­ Car sharing
  • ­ Remote car access
  • ­ Over the air updates
  • ­ Mobile phone integration in infotainment
  • ­ Fleet management

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