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Making the IoT more secure

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly. At the core of IoT are devices that are responsible for collecting data and interacting with other devices or humans. Unauthorized access to the network can, however, lead to security issues. It is therefore important to add a secure element on the IoT device to ensure authorized access and use.

Avnet brings you the power of the Infineon OPTIGA Trust B IoT Security solution. Incorporating a secure element device in an IoT node reference design, this versatile solution is equipped with a sensor hub and a BLE module. You will also get access to an extensive range of security chips that enable embedded authentication in security applications, making it easy to demonstrate authentication applications of IoT devices.

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  • Inserted Infineon Optiga Trust B SLE95250 module. Smartphone APP can read sensor data and control LED via BLE DA14681.
  • Removed security module, Smartphone APP can’t read sensor data and control LED via BLE DA14681.

Key Components

  • Optiga Trust B SLE95250 (Infineon)
  • DA14681 (Dialog)
  • M452LG5AE (Nuvoton)

Target Applications

  • IoT security application
  • Anti-counterfeit protection application

Block diagram

Making the IoT more secure



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