Harnessing the power of the sun

In recent years, there has been more of a push towards harnessing renewable sources of energy to power our world. Among the sources of renewable energy, solar power is the most secure as it is abundantly available and has the potential to meet vast power requirements. Currently, one of the practical applications for solar power is in India is in the agricultural sector. Solar-powered off-grid pumps are encouraged as an alternative to diesel-powered pumps. To meet this need, Avnet has come up with two solutions: an IPM based solution covering 1Hp to 3Hp requirements and an EasyPack based solution covering 3Hp to 5Hp requirements. 
The 5Hp solar drive includes a control board built with EEPROM, which can be used to store drive parameters for single or multiple monitors. Various drive health parameters will also be displayed on the inbuilt LCD screen. The control board also has a number of isolated Communication ports available in RS232 and RS485 to meet the needs of the market. A network interface card is also included to enable the collection of data to monitor and analyse the use of the solar-powered pumps.
Car driving at night with LED headlights


  • Com Phy available in RS232 and RS485
  • Network interface card driven by isolated RS485 port
  • Isolated I/Os for liquid level sensing 
  • Control board built around iMotion controller


  • Solar panel manufacturing
  • Motor/pump manufacturing


Harnessing the power of the sun


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