Gain full control of your home with BLE HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit accessory protocol supports a wide range of well-defined services and characteristics, designed to give you better control over your home appliances. 

The Homekit applications supported by Avnet demo kit include fans, garage door openers, light bulbs, power outlets, temperature control and humidity controls. This is made possible with an Avnet sensor board integrated with the necessary sensing and control components. 

The key components used in the kit are the nRF52832 development kit from Nordic (nRF52 DK); temperature and humidity sensor (HDC1000), proximity and ambient sensor (APDS9960), 6axis Gyro and G-sensor (KXG03); and Relay (ALQ305). 

Small circuit board with display
Key components Target applications
  • nRF52 DK – BLE SoC nRF52832 development kit from Nordic
  • HDC1000 – temperature and humidity sensor
  • APDS9960 – proximity and ambient sensor
  • KXG03 – 6axis Gyro and G-sensor
  • ALQ305 - relay
  • Fan
  • Garage door opener
  • Light bulb
  • Outlet
  • Current temperature
  • Current relative humidity

Block Diagram


block diagram of bluetooth module application



Display portlet menu

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screen capture of smart phone device showing home monitoring application

Screen shot of iPhone connecting to Avnet Homekit