Accelerating smart gateways for connected lives

From smart home solutions to industrial and medical electronics, people across the world are not just amazed by the vast
possibilities enabled by IoT, they are astounded by the speed at which they are entering our lives.

As a major driving force behind such rapid advances, Avnet’s commitment to empower IoT innovators grows stronger with each passing day. which is why we introduce HMI technologies like the advanced EVK that works hand-in-hand with Avnet’s i.MX6UL SOM. It provides all the interfaces and connectors you need to explore the limits of the processor. More crucially, it is perfectly optimized for fast evaluation and development of Smart Gateway applications of even the most complicated types.

By helping engineers realise their innovations faster and introduce them to markets sooner, Avnet continues to pave the way for
IoT and prepares our world for newer, better technologies. 

man using smart phone and laptop computer with overlay of connection points
Features Systems Target Applications
  • High performance 528 MHz Single Core Cortex-A7TM
  • NXP: i.MX6UL processor
  • Home gateway
  • Pixel pipeline provides 2D graphics acceleration
  • Industrial control
  • TRNG, crypto engines and secure boot
  • Display support: 24-bit parallel RGB LCD panel and capacitive/resistive touch panel
  • Storage: SD/SDIO/MMC card socket
  • Audio/video support: parallel camera connector, audio jack for headset, stereo speaker out and on-board microphone
  • USB 2.0 host and USB On-the-go (OTG)
  • Supports Ethernet/CAN Bus


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