A blend of future technology

With the increasing pervasiveness of IoT in everyday life, it is only a matter of time before this cutting-edge technology makes its presence felt in the kitchen.

The Avnet US team has set up a blender demo with the Azure Sphere solution to help people appreciate the benefits of deploying IoT blenders. By adding the Microchip power meter to Azure Sphere module to a traditional juice blender, different circuits can be activated with the press of a button. This enables the easy processing of requests for blending any fruit, be it a peach, banana or strawberry. 

The data that is acquired is in turn transmitted to the cloud via the module’s WiFi. These data include daily usage and other information that can be used for further analysis in business management. The Iot blender solution also provides a high level of security, on top of 13 years of software update service.

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A blend of future technology

A blend of future technology

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