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Powering up on the go

Mix Media- 201711S2 Powering up on the go

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The hunger for power is ever growing with the proliferation of smart devices that travel everywhere with their users. These devices don’t just consume power on the go, but the depletion of their power is quickly and keenly felt. 
There is therefore an urgent need for a simple and fast way to restore power quickly. Avnet’s USB (PD3.0) DRP power bank fulfills this need brilliantly. It boasts a special new feature for USB Type C:  Dual Role Port (DRP). There is no need to swap the USB port or cable’s direction for power in or power out, so using it is fast and easy. Supporting 30W input and 60W output, it is in compliance with PD3.0 standard as well. And with its TYPE A power supporting QC3.0, this is a universal fast charging integrated power bank solution.

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Features Systems Target Applications
  • Type C (DRP) & Type A (QC3.0) support
  • Max Output Power: 60W
  • USB Type C: 5/9/12/15/20V (Max 3A)
  • USB Type A: 3.6~9V (Max 3A)
  • Max Input Power: 30W
  • USB Type C: 5/9V (max 3A), 12/15/20V (max 30W)
  • Support USB PD3.0, QC3.0, BC1.2, Apple divider mode, YD/T 1591-2009 standard.
  • Support from 3 or 4 batteries connected in series (up to 16000mAH*)
  • Power bank


Block Diagram

USB Type-C Powering up on the go

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