Giving voice to the future

With the popularity of voice control in more devices, developers are looking for a quick and easy ways to incorporate voice assistant capabilities in their products. NXP’s MCU-based solution for Amazon's Alexa Voice Service (AVS) presents an excellent way to add Alexa voice assistant capabilities by leveraging the i.MX RT crossover processor.

The first MCU-based AVS development, this solution avoids the complexity and costs associated with the use of MPU. This complete turnkey solution offers an out-of-the-box AVS experience in an ultra-small form factor that can be readily implemented in any application. This solution provides BOM optimization with production-ready hardware. It is also completely integrated with the familiar Amazon qualified software, security and onboarding with seamless connectivity. As a result, both investment in engineering required to add Alexa and time to market are minimized. 



  • MCU solution for Alexa Voice Service (AVS) enables developers to use a familiar CPU & SW to add Alexa
  • BOM cost optimization by peripheral components reduction (SDRAM, eMMC, PMIC, etc) and smaller PCB & etc.
  • Complete, turnkey, AVS MCU solution minimizes engineering investment and time to market.
  • Integrated security & onboarding with seamless connectivity

Giving voice to the future


  • i.MX RT1060


Target applications

  • Smart home
  • Home automation
  • Smart appliances


Block diagram

Giving voice to the future


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