Giving indoor air quality a boost

With the increasing amount of time people spend indoors, improving the quality of the air inside buildings is becoming more critical than ever. The conditions of homes, offices and personal environments need to be constantly monitored for comfort and healthiness.

Amongst the main causes of poor indoor air quality are total organic compounds (TVOC).  Compounds which can be measured with great accuracy by Avnet’s gas sensor module for TVOC and indoor air quality. The ZMOD platform adopted is an integrated digital gas sensor used for high volume consumer and industrial applications. These innovative, high performance gas sensors also employ a software algorithm to pinpoint the level of carbon dioxide cost-effectively. On top of monitoring indoor air quality, the Avnet gas sensor module can be easily used for automation applications based on indoor ambient air quality. 


  • Measurement of total organic compounds (TVOC) mg/m^3
  • Estimated Carbon Dioxide Correlation (eCo2) 400-5000ppm(±25%)

Key components

  • ZMOD4410 --IDT Sensor
  • R5F1036AASP --Renesas MCU
  • PCA9617ADPJ --NXP I^2C Bus Repeater


Target applications

  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Monitor home, office, and personal environment for healthy conditions and comfort
  • Automation based on indoor ambient air quality


Block diagram


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