Delivering efficiency to USB power delivery

Thanks to its increasing ability to transmit power along with data, USB technology has allowed device designers to push the limits of ingenuity by streamlining connectivity to create slimmer and more compact electronic devices. 

With USB IF’s newly released Power Delivery 3.0, a whole new level of flexibility and capability is now at hand. As the trusted technological leader who spearheads new possibilities, Avnet has teamed up with Renesas to develop the 65W USB PD 3.0 Power Adaptor Solution. The innovation combines Renesas’s latest USB Type-C (PD3.0) controller (R9A02G011) with a low standby power but high power efficiency AC/DC circuit specially designed by Avnet. The result is a highly efficient power adaptor that is not only compliant with Energy StarLevel 6, but meets SMPS requirements from both US and Europe. 

USB power adaptor component
Features Systems Target Applications
  • Wide input voltage range (85V – 265Vrms)
  • Renesas – PD Controller (R9A02G011)
  • USB PD power adaptor
  • Max output power 65W
  • Infineon – MOS (BSC080P03LSG)
  • USB PD car charger
  • Synchronous rectification on 2nd side
  • FCI – Type-C connector (10137061C)
  • Efficiency @ full load is above 90% (compliance to Energy Star Level 6
  • Onsemi – Primary controller (NCP1339)
  • Standby power is below 80mW regardless of input voltage
  • Onsemi – Sync rectification (NCP4305)
  • USB PD 3.0 compliance
  • Backward compatible with USB PD 2.0 & BC 1.2
  • Voltage support: 5/9/12/15/20V