Accelerating the advantages of big data

Today big data has become the bloodline of business intelligence. While it has the greatest potential to provide businesses with vital competitive edges, harnessing that potential calls for superior technologies that aggregate vast amounts of data from very diverse sources, and analyzing them in depth and often in real-time. 

At Avnet, continuous innovation in this field has created many solutions that help businesses overcome such challenges. The Data Centre Analytics Accelerator Server, in particular, is a cloud server solution that is providing data centers not only with an abundance of dynamically updated real-time data, but accelerated computing to process and analyses information for fast, easy and accurate decision-making. The platform even includes software defined tools for development of FPGA accelerated algorithms, allowing professionals to enhance their solutions to suit different functions, be it fintech, surveillance or cognitive market data analytics


  • Half-length low-profile PCI Express GEN2 x8 card
  • On-board dual channel 2GB @ 1600Mhz DDR3
  • Software: platform includes PCI Express DMA engine
  • Seamless host systems user access to FPGA resources for developing acceleration applications
  • Able to offer complete server systems with Linux OS and FPGA accelerators drivers
  • Supports through SDAccel development environment


Key Components

  • KITADX-PCIE-7V690T or Higher-end Xilinx product family


Target Applications

  • Deep Learning inferencing platform
  • CNN image classification engine
  • Video and Data Analytics


Block Diagram

Data Center Analytics Accelerator Server Diagram

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