Accelerating the implementation of 5G

5G is set to revolutionize the world. With its ability to deliver gigabtyes in seconds, 5G can be deployed in various scenarios like enhanced mobile broadband services, massive machine type communication and ultra-reliable and low latency communications. It can be used in applications like augmented reality, industry automation, mission critical applications, self-driving cars and smart buildings.

To speed up the implementation of 5G applications, Avnet brings you 5G modules FM150 and FG150 from Fibocom. Designed to the M.2 form factor, and the LGA form factor, these modules can cater to different industrial requirements. FM150 and FG150 support both SA (Standalone) and NSA (Non-Standalone) network architectures and offer 5G NR Sub 6 and 5G NR mmWave spectrum bands as well as worldwide 5G/LTE network coverage. Offering faster transmission speed, bigger capacity, and lower network latency to IoT applications, these 5G modules will be able to serve more IoT objects across multiple scenarios, opening up opportunities to innovators around the world.


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