A quicker way to launch HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit Accessory Protocol is getting widespread adoption in more and more homes. With the ability to control home automation devices using just their iOS device, lots of consumers are finding it easier and more convenient to turn their homes into smart homes.

Avnet has developed a HomeKit accessory reference design solution to cut short the time it takes to launch HomeKit-enabled accessories. Based on HomeKit SDK from Nordic running on nRF52832 BLE SoC, this reference design provides a platform for quick prototyping and proof of concept. Incorporated into the hardware are temperature sensor, humidity sensor and control circuitry for lighting and relay. With successful proof of concept, the design can then be adopted for HomeKit products targeting a wide range of applications like humidity sensors, thermostats, fans and light bulbs


Supports Apple the following defined services and characteristics:

  • Fans * Current Temperature * Garage Door Opener * Current Relative Humidity
  • Light Bulb * Outlet

    * Incorporate accelerometer, gyro, ambient and proximity sensors to support indirect


Key Components

  • nRF51822 - BLE SoC
  • HDC 1000 – Temperature & Humiditu
  • APDS9960 – Proximity & Ambient
  • KXG03 – 6axis Gyro and G-sensor
  • ALQ305 - Relay


Target Applications

  • Fan
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Light Bulb
  • Outlet
  • Current Temperature
  • Current Relative Humidity



A quicker way to launch HomeKit


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