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Multi-Camera platform

Visualizing The Future of Multi-Camera Platforms

From industries to entertainment and even daily life, visual displays are the key technology that facilitates human interaction with information and content. At Avnet, we are going beyond the pursuit of better visual quality such as high-definition outputs, and are tapping on our deep expertise to create innovations that transform visual interactions into immersive experiences. 

Avnet’s acclaimed Multi-camera Platform is an example of the company’s most innovative efforts. Featuring a reference design for four high-definition camera, the remarkable platform deploys the best of image processing such as de-warping, perspective correction and alpha blending, and allows for separate visual feeds to merge and format into an awe-inspiring single display output. Such performance sets new standards in the market, making the platform a sought-after choice for industrial vision, automotive systems and video surveillance.

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Table_S140 Multi-camera Platform

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Features Key Components Target Applications
  • 4 video input frame management and processing
  • Video processing:
    • Perspective correction
    • Fish-eye correction
    • Alpha blending
  • 4 cameras parallel output
    • Multi-layer video display formatting
    • Video scaling and cropping
    • OSD
  • Automotive surround view
  • Panorama 360° surround view

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Reference Solutions

Automotive solutions

From connected cars, security, safety to energy saving, our expertise in automobile will support your innovations, enable interactions between cars, people and infrastructures.